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Why Should You Use a Travel Agent?

Why should I use a travel agent?  I get this question often. Until I became a travel agent, I really didn’t even know how the entire process worked. Did you know that it costs you nothing extra to use a travel agent for booking?  That’s right, it’s FREE! One of the most popular destinations that I book is Walt Disney World. If you have been to Disney, you know how much planning goes into that.  If you haven’t, I’m sure you can only imagine. Disney will charge you the same exact price for booking your trip with them versus a travel agent. When you book your trip with me, you are supporting a local small business rather than adding to Disney’s bottom line. The money I make from this job helps pay for my children’s sports, groceries, school fees, etc. Not to mention that I absolutely love Disney and want to plan magical vacations for families all over the world.

Why would you want to book with me when you can do it yourself?  I get it. Have you ever had a billing issue or need to change something on a reservation but have to call a toll free number only to be put on hold forever? Have you ever tried to create a Disney itinerary for what to do at each park so that you are not walking in circles? Have you ever panicked when you realize that you haven’t selected your fast passes for your trip and now your child may not get to meet Anna and Elsa? When you choose me as your travel agent, I will take the stress and worry away from your vacation planning and handle everything that comes up. No waiting on hold, no missing deadlines, no spinning your wheels. Think of me as your personal concierge for your Disney vacation.  Our family goes to Disney A LOT so I can also give you first-hand experience on what to do or not to do to simply your trip.

What are you waiting for? Email to start planning your next vacation today.